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HDPE Hydro Dipped Black Full Brim Hard Hat with Fas-trac Suspension

Location: Valencia,CA,USA 91355 Driving Direction
USD 34.99
Free shipping
19d 22h 24m

MSA 10153385 Skullgard Hard Hat Ratchet Replacement NEW Fast-Trac III Suspension

Location: Hialeah,FL,USA 33012 Driving Direction
USD 14.25
Free shipping
15d 12h 55m

HDPE Dark Tan Full Brim Hard Hat with Fas-trac Suspension

Location: Elk Grove,CA,USA 95757 Driving Direction
USD 26.99
Free shipping
22d 4h 54m

Pyramex Hard Hat Blue FULL BRIM With 4 Point Ratchet Suspension, HP24160

Location: Houston,TX,USA 77025 Driving Direction
USD 11.99
Free shipping
13d 19h 24m

Pyramex Hard Hat White SLEEK FULL BRIM With 4 Point Ratchet Suspension, HPS24110

Location: Houston,TX,USA 77025 Driving Direction
USD 15.75
Free shipping
21d 17h 49m

Black Hard Hat Pyramex HP14111 4-Point With Ratchet Suspension Safety Cap Style

Location: Houston,TX,USA 77025 Driving Direction
USD 10.5
Free shipping
27d 20h 14m

Sun Shade Brim Extension for JSP 6100 Cap Style Hard Hat

Location: Jacksonville,FL,USA 32256 Driving Direction
USD 14.4 19d 19h 47m

GPS Cases Questions and Reviews

What can I do to cool my head from a hot hard hat?. Water just adds more humidity?
There is not enough air ventilation. Mira cool does not work. Is there a cool hard hat available to buy?

Stop crying about it, that also adds more humidity. Now get back to work! Your foreman

Where would I find a picture of a beaver wearing a hard-hat?
where would I find a picture of a beaver wearing a hard-hat, real, cartoon, or otherwise? I"ve googled it and searched everywhere with tonnes of combinations, but I cannot find anything. Thanks. to mr. radioflyer: haha thanks very good. I'm looking for answers fool this isn't somewhere you're gonna get away with a bogus post like that. Reported. same to mr. zeebya. This isn't for easy points. If you're going to answer my question answer it. If not, don't post. Reported. to mr. donrull, Thanks, but read the question next time. I GOOGLED IT already. Multiple times. Post a real answer next time. Reported.

Best I can do. I only looked at the first page but I saw two of them. Small pics but usable. .

Where can I buy a pink hard hat?
I'm trying to find a uk store that stocks pink hard hats for a friend of mine that works in construction. It must be a proper safety helmet for use on site. My friend wants a pink one, simple as! I know they do exist as I've seen them before, and I've found quite a few American companies that stock them. I was just hoping to find one over here to avoid huge shipping costs etc. Thanks anyway guys can help

How to wear my hair with a hard hat???
I'm a female and will be wearing a hard hat full time with my new job as a project engineer. My hair is about shoulder length and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to wear my hair another way besides down. My hair is fine and straight and within 5 minutes of wearing a hard hat, it's flat. Any ideas besides a low ponytail or is that my only other option?

Put your hair in two baby braids. If you have a ponytail, it's going to bump against the helmet and be uncomfortable. I don't think your hair is long enough for a single braid. There isn't any way to protect against hathead when your wearing a hard hat. It's just the life you've chosen

on poptropica how do you get the hard hat on nabooti island?
i need to get a hard hat to pass a person and and to a new area. also how do you get the camera?

To get the hard hat you need to first get the camera. Get the camera from the trader in nabooti by trading it for gold found in the keya forest. Then take pictures for Zeke and get the hard hat from him.

Does anyone know anything about a hard hat that resembles a straw hat?
My boss wants me to look for him one because he says he has seen them before. I have no clue what he is talking about. He is from Korea and saw them there I believe so I dont know if they even make them here! Thanks!

Gempler's has cowboy hard hats in there catalog. That might be what he saw.

where do i get the red club penguin hard hat?
ive been part of club penguin for about 675 days and havent seen that hat. where is it?

you can't get it sorry. that's cuz there was a project called the CPIP which helped improve club penguin. you had to join it and then you can get the free red hard hat. if you need more info then go to

When did professional baseball mandate the "hard hat" usage for batters up?
In professional baseball, batters must wear hard hats when up to bat, but it wasn't always that way. What year did it become a rule that all professional baseball players wear hard hats when up to bat?

"In the spring of 1958, the American League joined the National League in making the helmet mandatory for all hitters."

What is the difference between a Type I and Type II hard hat?

Typically, hard hats are made to meet ANSI standard Z89.1- 1997 for top impact. They protect the head from falling objects. Type II helmets, provide protection from blows to both the top and sides of the head.

How do I spray paint my plastic hard-hat with gold?
i want to spray my hardhat a gold metallic colour. any suggestions on how to go about doing it? it's plastic, so from what ive read i should use a special kind of spray paint so it doesn't just "bead up"? help?

Go to Home Depots paint department...i believe you need to get a primer coat first...the worker at the depot should know what kind...but i am sure there is a plastic primer....if you cannot find one, suggestions are to : 1. cover it in a thin coat of glue 2. you may have to sand it a bit both of those SHOULD get your paint to stick, but check for a plastic primer first