Ezsms.Com Ebay Shopping Widgets

If you would like to share our ebay shopping alert on your website, please copy the code from the text box below.

If you have a google account, you can add this to your igoogle page by clicking on the "+ Google" button.

Goggle App Product Search Widget

Let your setup search alert in your personalized Google homepage.

Product Search Widget

Let your readers find and explore interesting products from Amazon.com without them leaving your site.

Product Cloud Widget

The Product Cloud widget shows clusters of product titles that are relevant to your page. The font size of the title in the cloud indicates how relevant the product is to your page – the larger the title, the more closely the product should match the topics on your page. This widget is ideal for sites with changing content such as blog pages. It will keep up with your changing page by automatically showing new titles as your page evolves.

MP3 Clips Search Widget

Add music to your web site with the MP3 Clips widget. Search through Amazon's catalog of DRM-free MP3 music and add entire albums or select specific MP3 tracks to add to your widget. You can also showcase the latest Bestsellers from any music genre. Modify the widget source template by adding/changing parameter key/value pairs.

Deals Widget

Showcase the hottest deals from Amazon on your web page. Delight your viewers with Goldbox deals or select a specific category to show discounted items and ongoing promotions from that category.